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Introducing Myself, (Verra vs the LGBT community)
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 Posted: 2016-01-06 08:33 pm
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Greetings forum-go'ers!

I suppose I'll start with answering some basic questions...:
I found this site, by typing "LGBT forums" in google. Hahaha,
Yes, I know it's not a very "exciting referral" :p but it was the first site to come up, and it looked pretty nice. :)

- - - I am biologically male, but will be transitioning to become female. So, I have chosen a new name for myself, Verra. Hehe, Pretty, right? ;) Aside from one friend of mine (of whom I don't see very often) I do not currently know anyone else who's' transgender. I'm hoping to meet people on here to talk to about this with, who I can relate with and get better understanding of it. :)
- - - There is one thing about me, which hopefully doesn't get me kicked off of here lol. While I am transgender, I do not consider myself part of the LGBT community. I don't agree with the majority of their political actions, or their ideologies on certain things ( across many different facets of society.)
- - - To be completely honest, they don't represent my values at all.
I think there are some good things they do, but there's many more things I'm not a fan of. I don't like how being labeled as Trans automatically means Im a part of the LGBT community. Just because I will be transitioning, it doesn't mean I should be associated with their political ideology/agenda. Also the "T" in LGBT , seems to be under-represented in my opinion...
** I'm a political scientist, so I tend to see groups with certain aspirations , under a "different light" than many people. Most pay little-to-no attention to organization of government / civil activism legislation.

But I didn't come here to have some angry academic debate, lol. Plus, I think I'm in the "minority of people here" who feels the same way about labeling/ the LGBT as the "de-facto umbrella community". ;)

I just came here to meet new people and to make friends. As well as hopefully learn more about the transition process, and gain insight from those who better understand this.

Oh, and I respond to all my inbox messages as soon as I can. :)
Im very friendly, --- unless you tell me I'm wrong. In that case, your likley mistaken. Haha Jk, XD

You can always Feel free to PM me! Id love to chat with people here :)

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~ ~ ~ Verra <3 :)
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