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 Posted: 2011-03-30 10:13 pm
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hai bby~ ;D

Joined: 2011-03-30
Location: New Brunswick Canada
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Hi~ My name is LuciaStar!
I found this place from Google. <3 I'm going to be 20 on the 8th of April and I enjoy writing and drawing. 8D

I'm also bisexual. At least, that's the conclusion I'm coming up with. You see, I was a bit aware that I was not straight. At all. Starting from when I came remember, which was in middle school to early high school, I started finding girls attractive. I was a bit disturbed by it and told myself that girls can't have crushes on girls; that I wasn't gay and that I was straight and I liked boys!

... Welll, that was only half right and it did not stop my attraction to girls. As high school progressed and I grew, my attraction to girls developed more and I eventually got to the point where I was like "Okay, so what? So what if I like girls and guys? Why does it matter? I like what I like! I can't change that." I sticked with that most of my high school life afterwards (even when I called myself bi-curious).

After high school, my friend begun to question her sexuality. I, too, started to look deeper into mine; I was curious if my "I like what I like, be it girls or guys" was an actual attraction or something dumb.

After lots of thinking, and trying to understand my reactions to women and men and much more... I've come to the conclusion that I'm most likely bisexual. I haven't really come out to my parents yet because I can't find the right time to, and I don't particularly know what to say though, I have (sometimes accidentally) slipped in some hints towards it.

I'm not worried about my mother's reaction as she's quite accepting of the LGBT community... it's my dad I'm worried about. I don't know his stance on the LGBT community... besides him being weirded out by trans men/women and him calling a couple of gay musicians "fruits".

Ummm, that's all! <3

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