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Just a word from a short-time newcomer
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 Posted: 2011-03-16 04:43 am
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Joined: 2011-03-15
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I'm personally am not the kind that wants to give a d*** about fitting into one of the sexuality labels, but if I had to choose a label that would describe what kind of person I am using labels that are used into sexuality charts, then it would be asexual person who have strong attraction into both sex from an artistic matter than sexually while not being romantic into the attraction. I used to be a bit of hard of accepting that there's different ranges of sexualities till I understand how it can benefit humanity in a way in terms of social aspects and population control along with a couple of more experience being into the minority of the population. I wasn't always an asexual (I used to be into the perhaps heteroflexible range till the urges is lost for some reason like perhaps lack of social interaction and over time losing interest into people caused me to feel more like an asexual. I have no problem with this at all)

I'm quite acceptance behind efforts into advancing the social acceptance of those who are discriminated [youths under 25 years old (especially individuals under 18. There are situations like corporal beatings, issues that HR 911 bill addressed, corporal punishment), races, and other groups] though I will never guarantee that they will be accepted completely and become part of the norm as shown in the fact that racism is still being allowed and accepted into some place and humans wanting to benefit themselves while not giving any care for the group just because it fits their needs of having power from the social range. Even though I do think that there is issues in regarding of acceptance of certain sexualities, I do feel as other groups have it a lot worse like youths for the reason I mentioned above and that should be more of the primary focus. The reason I believe I don't think anything is a guarantee is partly due to the fact that I'm a cynic because I grew up trying to understand how humanity works in general. Though while I am accepting of the lgbt community, I'm not going to get active with them since my primary focus is into youth rights even though I don't have the motivation or too much care into being "active".

I won't be here for long, but I'll leave my posts in here.

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