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Hi From The Desert
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 Posted: 2015-06-23 02:23 pm
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 Looks like I'm not the only one who "doesn't fit in." I put that in quotes because I think it's a stupid saying but that seems to be what I have been told all MY LIFE! Now that I am a  middle age man I'm finally coming to terms with my sexuality (and some other things) and trying to find some friends (since I have none.) I would like to meet some men or women (men mostly) and since I'm a recovering alcoholic I'm not into the bar scene. I also just don't want this wham bam thanks for the roll in the hay kind of thing.
I want to meet some people.

I won't even get into  the epilepsy which means i can't work or drive.

Well sorry for the downer intro. ramble (hey ain't life fun?)
 But I get knocked down and get up again!:cool:

Ask me about it if you dare! :eek:

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